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Frank Ferrera

Dear Friend,

I was born in Boston in 1949 and have been living on the West Coast as well as the Deep South for 23 years. In the spring of 2000, I returned to my ocean-side home, once again establishing my permanent residence here in the great state of Massachusetts. Much of my work remains behind in galleries, homes and restaurants from Nashville to New Orleans.

Recently I have been working on an innovative technique involving structure paint. When viewed from different angles, under varying light, the effect is similar to sculpture or bas relief. The results cause an illusion of shadow play and movement. My undying love for the sea and her mysterious creatures infuse the composition, and so the picture is painted. One may find that my renditions of splashing, swimming and singing sea-sprites may or may not resemble actual species.

I was raised with the Atlantic literally crashing in my ears. My father, the late, Frank Ferrera Sr., was a prolific painter of land and seascapes and a life-long member of the Copley Society in Boston. He built a beautiful home, smack dab on a spit of land on the coast. Filled with youthful wanderlust, I made my prodigal journey west and then south, following the muse, but never forgetting my father's ocean.

One day, I found myself crying in my beer and singing the blues in the land-locked claustrophobia that is East Tennessee, where most folks don't know the difference between a calamari and hot tamale - and where there are no seagulls for a thousand miles. My longing to be near the sea eventually became the catalyst for my nautical themes. All the while planning that perhaps this body of work would be my life raft back - to civilization!

And it was, but not before much construction, glass enclosed rooms, and decks were added to the lovely sea-side property, And voila! Beach House Galleries came to be.

Beach House Galleries is a place where this entire body of work can be viewed in an opulent light and in an amiable environment. To make an appointment to visit, e-mail me at frank@beachhousegalleries.com

Frank Ferrera



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